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The annual cost of a single membership is $15 or two memberships for $25 (in a household). Each membership is entitled to one (1) vote, but no more than two (2) votes per household allowed. Membership renewal fees are due and payable by January 31 of each year.

Your annual dues support the following: ▪ Civic League website and newsletter (WWW.BMECL.ORG) ▪ Neighborhood sign installation/maintenance ▪ Social events: 4th of July, National Night Out, Halloween, and others ▪ Civic League meeting locations ▪ Neighborhood improvement activities ▪ Flag posting at all 396 homes for US patriotic holidays, and more

Please make check payable to “Bellamy Manor Estates Civic League”. Mail completed application and check to Bellamy Manor Estates Civic League, P.O. Box 64244, Virginia Beach, VA, 23467

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(The BMECL newsletter is also available on the website)

Email addresses are only used to send newsletters and to inform residents of important information

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VBPD Neighborhood Watch Participation: I agree to be alert to thing happening on my street and in my neighborhood, and to call the Police non-emergency number (385-5000) if I suspect anything is out of the ordinary.

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The Bellamy Manor Estates Civic League Board thanks you for your participation! This document contains personal information and is intended only for the official civic league business. If you are not authorized to possess this document you should not disseminate, copy, or distribute this information. Please notify the BMECL at immediately by e-mail if you have received this document by mistake and delete from your system. MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM # 2018